May 1st, 2016 | 8:30pm IST (New Delhi) | 11:00am EST (New York) | 8:00am PST (California)

Isha Datar | CEO, New Harvest, NYC
Stuart Douglas | Sr Reliability Engineer, X / Alphabet, Mountain View
Sumedha Kshirsagar | Principal UX Designer, Amazon Echo / Alexa, Seattle

Tarana Gupta | CEO, Connectedreams, NYC

As technologies evolve into truly adaptive, automated and responsive products - providing granular insight into our lives and fundamentally changing the way we live, eat, travel and work - so does the way we think about and use them, hence re-conceptualizing the design process. Designers have an increasingly crucial role to play in how we experience the next generation of technological products.

Emerging technologies such as virtual/augmented reality, self-driving cars, automated speech assistants, artificial intelligence and creating milk/eggs/meat without animals will have a huge impact on how we will live in the future. However, the implication of these technologies on basic aspects of human life such as safety, health, employment and lifestyle can be hard to understand. How should today’s designers cope with these uncertain implications? How do we design in the high stakes environment because mistakes can be costly? What are the new design principles? How do designers prepare and adapt to fast moving technology? What are the new design career choices in this truly transdisciplinary environment?

This Connectedreams Groupinar will focus on the possibilities and pitfalls of designing entities for future technology. Speakers will use real world examples of how design can play both a positive and negative role in the incorporation and access to new technologies. What themes are common to people designing for various different use cases like self-driving cars to harvesting meat to designing speech interfaces and what are some of the basic principles that all designers should be aware of.

Topics we hope to cover in this Groupinar:

  • Emerging Technologies - Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality, Self-driving Cars, Internet of Things, Machine Learning - Implications and Impacts
  • Organic and Transdisciplinary Nature of Contemporary Design - from Robotics & Speech Interfaces to Harvesting Food Without Animals
  • Relationship Between Design and Science
  • Designers as Participants - Viewing the World User First
  • Actionable Information About Different Career Choices in This Space.
  • Safe and Reliable Design
  • Designing to Augment Lives