• Who Should  Join Connectedreams?
  • Young ambitious protégé looking to expand their network and connect with potential role models to learn from their experience, as well as for successful individuals looking to share their experience and help younger generations.

  • How Can I Join?
  • It’s easy to join, all you need is a LinkedIn or A Facebook account. Once you request an invitation here, we will review your profile and confirm your membership through an email. Your Linkedin information is used to confirm your identity as well as to find relevant mentors and protégés.
  • We take privacy seriously and will never distribute or share your data with other entities. Also, before joining, don’t forget to read the platform rules. By registering on the platform, you are agreeing to our terms & policies.

  • How will you use my Linkedin or Facebook data?
  • We pull only basic information from Linkedin or Facebook such as name, email address, picture, location and current job headline. This data, combined with your interest and expertise, is then used to find the best possible role model & protege for you. Your security is of utmost importance to us, so we verify each member’s identity to make sure they are not committing any type of fraud. We do not save your password and we do not have access to it. We will not sell your information or use it to spam you.

  • Can I apply without Linkedin Or Facebook?
  • This is NOT possible at the moment. We need your LinkedIn or Facebook info in order to make the right connections for you as well as to verify your identity. 

  • How are Connections recommended?
  • So that your network is best possible, connections on Connectedreams are recommended based on your current aspirations, goals, cultural background, and professional predispositions.

  • Connectedreams is in beta. What does it mean?
  • Being in beta simply means that the features are in ‘testing’ mode. We can’t find all of the bugs by ourselves, so by using our platform and giving us feedback you can help us improve the platform as you use it. The full platform is slowly being released as sets of new features, with each release happening every week. We do this to make sure that, among other things, our servers can handle the load and that the features are helpful to our users (you!)

  • You can help us improve the Conntectedreams experience by sending us feedback at connectedreams@connectedreams.com.

  • How do I invite a friend?
  • After you have logged in, you can invite friends and acquaintances who you think can be great role models or protégées by clicking on the invite button.

  • How should I approach a potential peer mentor? 
  • Don’t Always Expect A Relationship—Mentors Come In All Different Forms

    First, Don't necessarily look for someone that you can build a relationship with, but look for someone who you can ask a very simple question to, who can reply to an email very easily to you. What is it that you need?

    Sheryl Sandberg, in her book Lean In, links asking strangers to be mentors to the behavior of the main character of children’s book Are You My Mother? The book is about a baby bird that emerges from its shell in an empty nest, and goes in search of its mother.  The little bird asks everything it sees (a kitten, hen, dog, cow, steam shovel), “Are you my mother?”  The answer is always the same. “No!”  This is just like a professional asking a stranger, “Will you be my mentor?”

  • Before beginning a conversation, you should prepare a list of thoughtful and diverse questions ahead of time. Following are some tips and tricks that might help you keep the conversations interesting and get the most out of a connection.

  • a. Look for real chemistry, It’s About The Person, Not Their Position: Prominent members get a lot of connection requests everyday and they might not have time to respond to all the request. Also, you might not have that much in common with most popular members. Look for someone who is a better fit for your dreams and aspirations. Connectedreams through its data-driven, cultural context-aware recommendation engine provides you a list of potential mentors and other through the ConnectPlus feature, you can filter a mentor in a particular professional field and geographical area.

  • b. Be courteous and respectful of mentor’s time. Prepare in advance by going through mentor’s profile and anticipate where their experience and advice might be most helpful to you. Keep your messages and questions short and to the point. If you ask them for a phone meeting, try to keep it below 20 mins. NEVER pressure anyone for an in-person meeting. If they do agree to meet in person, try to accommodate the geographical and time preferences. If the meeting goes well, feel free to ask if they would be willing to keep in touch with you. That might turn into meeting on a regular basis (once a month, once a quarter), and if it does: you’ve got yourself a mentor! Most importantly, be alert to the opportunities to gain wisdom, good advice, and a valuable connections.

  • c. Start with asking them about themselves. Let them know that you admire what they’ve been able to accomplish. While this is a good way to start off your conversations, don’t lay it on too thick.
  • Don’t ask for mentorship right away. Get to know them first.
  • Do not ask questions that can be found easily on Google. Do your research so you know what they've done. Grab their attention by being specific with your questions related to their experience.
  • Do your research so you know what they’ve done. This allows you to ask more specific questions about their journey without them wasting the 20 minutes telling you their life story.

  • d. Tell them about yourself. Be prepared to summarize your story, aspiration and goals very clearly. Tell your mentor what are the similarities in the paths you have taken.

  • e. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Once you have exchanged few messages or a phone call and established a real conversation, you can ask them for small favors such as: to take a look at your portfolio or more broadly help you make certain critical decisions. People like to feel helpful.

  • f. Ask for advice on a specific scenario. Your role model has seen many situations you haven’t, and has the ability to put things in perspective. By bringing a scenario to your role model, you can connect with them in a deeper and more meaningful way.
  • For example, questions can be of the nature:
  • • “Was there a time you messed up and felt like you’d failed? What did you do to recover?”
  • • “What do you wish you had known before your first big photography gig?”

  • g. Focus on building a library of resources. Is there a skill you’re currently working to enhance, such as project management, long-term strategic planning, delegating, or public speaking? Ask your role model for advice and resources that will help you polish that skill.

  • h. Offer help. As opposed to popular myths, mentorship is a two way street. Offer to help on something that they need, or offer your perspective on things they are working on. This works because of the concept of reciprocity: if you give without being asked, people will feel compelled to give back. Not only that, but it builds a sense of trust that will serve you well going forward.

  • i. Have self-awareness. Self-awareness is the ability to see yourself as others perceive you, and this is extremely important in building a relationship. The more self aware you are, the better is your chance of finding success through Connectedreams.


Connectedreams has a zero-tolerance policy for abusive behavior. This includes any form of hate, trolling, stalking, spamming, harassment, impersonating others, harming children, child pornography, or any other behavior designed to hurt another person physically or emotionally. All Connectedreams users must follow the Connectedreams Rules. If you don't follow the rules, you risk being kicked off and banned as a user forever.

If you notice abusive behavior or someone breaking the rules, please report it immediately by emailing us at reportabuse@Connectedreams.com, and we will look into it, and take necessary action as soon as possible. You can also use this email address to send feedback on our current blocking, muting, and flagging tools. We want your thoughts on how to keep Connectedreams safe.

Please note that this email box is strictly for abuse-related matters, and we will not respond to other requests sent here. If you are looking for help or wish to get in touch with us, please visit our About page for instructions on how to do so.

  • How can I block someone who is annoying me?
  • From a user’s profile page click on the “block” icon.
  • Choose BLOCK.

  • When you BLOCK another user, here's what will happen:
  • 1. You won't be able to access each other's profiles on Connectedreams
  • 2. You won't be able to message each other on Connectedreams
  • 3. If you're connected (or have bookmarked that person), you won't be connected anymore
  • 4. You'll both stop seeing recommendation to interact
  • 5. Don't worry - that user won't be notified. 

  • How can I report someone for inappropriate behavior?
  • From a user’s profile page click the “block” icon.
  • Choose REPORT ABUSE.

  • When you REPORT another user, here's what will happen:
  • This person will be submitted for review. We'll look for inappropriate behavior or violations of our Terms of Use. Choose this option if you think this member's behavior is bad for the Connectedreams community.