Connectedreams is an online data-driven, cultural context-aware networking platform to bridge the mentorship gap for young Indian women as they make transitions through various phases in life. Whether that is going from an undergraduate student into the workforce or higher education, switching careers, going back to work after pregnancy, or even promotion to CEO.


Our logo represents an unpolished diamond which, similar to a young protege, has an immense potential to shine once placed in the right hands. The lines joining various corners also represent the connectedreams network the value of which is incalculable.


India has second largest & most complex higher education system. An estimate Of 26.5 million students are currently enrolled in higher education. 85% of the students in higher education are enrolled in bachelor's program. 45% of those enrolled in bachelor’s program are women.

But 4 in 5 women never enter the workforce -- and 60% of those who enter the workforce, drop out when they are mid-career.

Let's change that.


You’ve achieved your goals, but it hasn’t been easy. You sacrificed many things, struggled for a long time, and often had to defend your dreams. But now you’ve made it and have become someone you’re proud of. Wouldn’t you like to make the journey a little bit easier for someone else? As a role model, you will be able to coach women who are ambitious and driven to their goal, but are unsure about how to move forward. It only takes 15 - 20 minutes of your time to make a real difference in a young woman’s life.


Connections are established based on data about your aspirations, goals, educational and work backgrounds and designed to have maximal impact on professional choices. Our algorithms will help you connect with individuals who are a few steps ahead (mentors) and behind (proteges). You can schedule conversations through your preferred medium (chat, emails, online video or phone call). There is no obligation to follow up after these conversations and members have full control over who they want to connect or stay connected with.

If you are looking for a mentor in a particular industry then use our Connect Plus feature.

Connectedreams Mentoring

Groupinars are curated live web video seminars in which select professionals from varied walks of life are invited to share their experiences related to tech, design, start-ups, and new ideas. Our goal is to provide the Connectedreams community a chance to interact with some of the industry’s top thinkers. They are free and open to all. The list of attendees will be shared before and after each event so that members can network with the like-minded people.

I want to speak or recommend someone awesome!
Great! If you’re interested in speaking or know someone who is, please contact us at connectedreams@connectedreams.com.

Connectedreams Groupinar

This is our blog, where invited individuals write about their experience with respect to their areas of expertise, share advice and explain what made them who they are today.

If you are interested in contributing an article or, want to read about a particular topic, please drop us a message at connectedreams@connectedreams.com.


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